Howdy, This is Rohit..

I am a Sophomore Undergraduate majoring in Information technology at Information technology at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Gwalior.. After a long search I have found my love to be in Open Source.

In my freshman year, my time was being spent on competetive coding. I used to solve competetive challanges based on Advanced Data Structures and Mathematcal Logics. There I learn’t the beauty of STL which C++ provided. In between this, I somewhat tried Android Development in Java and this continued to my 2nd year.

I my 2nd yr, my interest shifted towards the Machine Learning domain. Initially I was exploring classical machine Learning with Kaggle as a platform. Moving to Deep Learning, NLP peaked my interest and by the end of this year I found myself engaged in this.

In my 3rd yr, I got introduced to Open-Source. I began contributing to organizations like Coala, NTLK, Gensim etc. Then I discovered the potential and possibilities residing in the Julia community and shifted to it.

Apart from all the tech stuff, I sometimes write my heart out in form of my poems and quotes.

I hope one day, I can write in a more wow way but first this open sorcerer is going to make a dent of this own!!